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Latest projects

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Title Organisation Type of project
ATKA: ichtyo- and zooplankton assemblages along west Greenland Coast Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR) Marine ecosystems
ARI: Seasonal Fluxes across Submarine Ice Sheet Margins: A Pilot Study in West Greenland Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Cryosphere
Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) University of Chicago Space physics
Site Characterization for a Greenland Neutrino Observatory University of Chicago Space physics
BLACK and BLOOM - Microbial processes darken and accelerate melting of Greenland Ice Sheet Bristol University Cryosphere

Latest infrastructure

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Name Type Coordinates
Ørnereden Hut 72.87308, -25.13638
Åndehullet Hut 76.66158, -19.6802
Zackenberg Research Station Research station, STOL airstrip 74.46965, -20.57404
Zackenberg Hut 74.46508, -20.63198
YOUNGSU_318 Marine Monitoring Station Monitoring site 74.43527, -20.77182

Latest courses

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Latest jobs

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Title Organisation Expires
Laboratorie tekniker/Lab Technician Aarhus University (AU) 19 May 2019
Atmospheric Researcher at Asiaq Greenland Survey Asiaq Greenland Survey 24 May 2019
Two Research Associate Positions Available at CEOS, University of Manitoba, Canada University of Manitoba (UoM) 15 Dec 2018
Remote Sensing analyst at Asiaq, Greenland Survey Asiaq Greenland Survey 14 Oct 2018
PhD: DMS(P) production and carbon uptake by polar microalgae in a high-CO2 world (218381) University of Groningen 30 Sep 2018